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Charli XCX( Charlotte Emma Aitchison )

Leave Me

Verse 1:

Now is the time
We've both crossed the line
Its been way to long
And now we both see
How we can really be

And i see your face
And it reflects mine
Except mine isn't stained with teardrops and lies
???? like you
Our friendship has withered


Quick go away
For a long time
Before I change my mind
If you stay
I'll only want more of you

So* get out of my face
Get off of my doorstep and leave me
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to cry, on the inside

Verse 2:

Well I'll call you again to see if we're friends
But i think we both know that our friendship
Can not continue

Well I'll say that I'm fine
And just wait for the time
'till I know that I can live up to your


I didn't love you
But oh when I'm not with you
I cant help but want you, you so bad
yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah


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